Vacant eCareer Posting Timeline Established for 6-hour Postmaster positions

All EAS Postmasters and EPM Postmasters (Levels 51-55) will be eligible to apply for District-wide or Area-wide postings in late December.

Today, the Postal Service announced the timeline for eCareer postings of 6-hour Postmaster positions.
Vacant 6-hour positions will be posted from December 18 through December 26, 2012 with a limited area of consideration for all EAS and EPM (Levels 51-55) Postmasters. All qualified Postmasters, impacted and non-impacted, are eligible to apply within the District or Area.

Saved salary provisions are available for EAS 16 or below Postmasters who apply for a 6- hour office for this posting. Under POStPlan, a Postmaster Level 16 or below accepting a 6-hour Postmaster position will maintain his or her current hourly rate for hours paid in the PTPO or RMPO Postmaster position.  If the current hourly rate exceeds the maximum for the grade, the rate will be protected until September 30, 2014.  Beginning October 1, 2014, the hourly rate will be reduced to the maximum for the pay grade.

Please review the attached implementation posting of 6 hour offices, as well as the attached POStPlan revised saved pay FAQs below:

Charlie Moser
December 5, 2012

POStPlan Implemetation 6 hour

POStPlan FAQ_revised saved pay policy_11-20-12_v2