Postal Relief — On to the House of Representatives

Last week, the Senate overwhelmingly passed bipartisan postal relief legislation (S. 1789).  Now, the Senate-passed bill moves across Capitol Hill to the House of Representatives, where it is already receiving an icy-cold reception from House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrel Issa, who is promoting his own bill (H.R. 2309). Issa’s legislation faces numerous challenges, including the absence of bipartisan support and deep concern among  rural district House members. Also, the House poses stiff obstacles for any postal legislation, due to its overly rigid budgetary PAYGO rules.  Nevertheless, today, the authors of the bipartisan Senate bill sent to House Speaker John Boehner and  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a letter urging prompt House consideration of postal relief legislation.  Click here to view the press release and letter.

Also, NAPUS posted its most recent issue of the eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin. The issue discusses Senate consideration of S. 1789. House Committee-approved postal and federal employee benefits cuts. Click here to view latest edition of the eNAPUS Bulletin.