USPS Announces Expiration of EAS Pay Package (2007-2010.)

NAPUS has received notification from USPS Vice President of Labor Relations, Doug Tulino that the EAS Pay Package and compensation package for 2007 through 2010 has expired.  Postmasters will still receive their scheduled payouts for the 2010 NPA/PFP ratings in January, 2011. 
In accordance with Title 39 U.S.C., NAPUS will begin consultation with the Postal Service concerning future pay policies and fringe benefits for Postmasters within 45 days after the Postal Service concludes a collective bargaining agreement with the union that represents the largest number of workers (currently the American Postal Workers Union (APWU.) 
Certain provisions in the recently expired EAS Pay Package for 2007-2010 that were not incorporated into regulations, manuals, or handbooks have also expired and are now governed by current Postal Service regulations, handbooks and manuals.  The expired provisions in Section 6 of the former EAS Pay Package will now reduce the number of administrative leave days allowed for donating bone marrow, stem cells, blood platelets or organs (EAS employees will now adhere to the number of administrative days allowed in Sections 519.521 & 519.522 of the ELM.)  The USPS/Postmaster Associations Work Group cited in Section 9 of the former EAS Pay Package was created to establish guidelines for Postmaster use of privately-owned vehicles in the performance of duty. This section has also expired.
Please check the NAPUS website at for updates on Postmaster pay consultations for FY-2011 and beyond.
Charlie Moser
Executive Director