Reference Documents

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2015 Gazette Advertising Rates
2016 Postmasters Gazette Print Schedule
A NAPUS Action Guide for preventing the closing or consolidation of your post office
Booklet of Instructions for Pulling EDW Reports August 2007
NAPUS Travel Handbook
Copy of Expense-Voucher-06102015
NAPUS PM Retired Travel Voucher
Cheat 2014 Rate Change 1-26-14 Postal Version
Financial Aid-SOX Accountability
Form 1187
 Form 1187-R
 Installation of Officers 2012
Napus Chapter Officers’ Handbook
NAPUS Membership Chairman Guidebook
NCR Cheat Procedures
OIC Certificate
Parliamentary Procedures
PM Retirement Certificate
Postmaster Certificate
Postmaster Equity Act
Resolution Log Form*
 Retired State Officers-2015
Promotional Pay Calculator
SOV Delivery Admin Earned Workhours How To
SOV Overview
SOV Tracking Log for Delivery Admin Pick Box
 Supply Order Form
Secretary-Treasurer Training


It’s Simple!!

This is a nationally recognized process between the Postal Service and NAPUS. If you (the Postmaster) have an issue in your Post Office that is not being resolved, the issue may be submitted to the chapter president to determine whether a Resolution Log is necessary. If the matter is the subject of an appeal in a forum such as MSPB, EEO, or other process, the Postal Service will not consider a Resolution Log.

Step 1 If the chapter president determines that a resolution log is necessary, he/she will start a Resolution Log form. (form located on the NAPUS website) The chapter president will contact the District Manager or their designee to try to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved at the District level, the chapter president should document the District response (Who you met with, what they said, and date of meeting.) The chapter president should then send the form and dcoumentation to the NAPUS National Vice President who will take the issue to the Area office

Step 2 The NAPUS National Vice President will contact the USPS Area Vice President or their designee and present the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved at the Area level, the NAPUS National Vice President should document the AVP or designee’s response (Who you met with, what they said, and date of the meeting.) The NAPUS Natiional VP should then send the completed form and documentation to the NAPUS National Office, attn. Executive Director.

The NAPUS National President or Executive Director will write a cover letter summarizng all of the releveant facts concerning the issue and submit the letter along with the necessary doucmentation to the Labor Relations office at USPS Headquarters. The Executive Director will work with the Postal Service on the issue with the results relayed to all parties when completed.

Some important things to remember

  • The meetings with the District Manager/AVP, should not be seen as confrontational of personal, but should be viewed as constructive and trying to resolve the issue at hand.
  • Stay focused on the issue that’s being presented and not be sidetracked by unrelated matters.
  • Depending on the severity of the problem being presented, it is reasobanle to expect a response from the District Manager/designee or AVP/designee within 30 days.  It is important that the chapter president/NAPUS VP be persistent in requesting a  response, by contacting the appropriate USPS official by email and/or telephone.  A response is needed at each level.