Download Mailing Labels Instructions

Chapter Website Main Menu

  1. Click > Download Mailing Label Merge Files
  2. Click the boxes to Select member types that apply for mailing
    (NOTE: Back Page Labels must be done separately)
  3. Click > Get Labels
    “File Download” box appears
  4. Click > Save
    “Save As” box appears
    Save to “My Documents”
  5. Click > Save
    “Download Complete” box appears
  6. Click > Close
  7. Click > Minimize Button in top right corner
    Exported File will automatically save as (*.csv or *.txt)

Now you need to change your saved file to an EXCEL file (*.xls)


  1. Click > File > Open
    “My Documents” should open
  2. Click > down arrow for “Files of type” at the bottom of the box
  3. Click > Text Files (*.prn; *.txt; *.csv)
  4. Click > File you just Exported
  5. Click > Open
  6. Click > File > Save As
  7. Click > down arrow for “Save as type” at the bottom of the box
  8. Click > Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
  9. Click > Save
  10. Click > File > Exit

Create Labels Merge EXCEL (*.xls) File with WORD

Of all the labels available, the recommended is Avery 5160. Open WORD

  1. Click > Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge Wizard
    MAIL MERGE Menu appears down the right side of your screen
  2. Click > Labels at the top of the column under “Select document type”
  3. Click > Next: Starting Document at the bottom of the column under Step 1 of 6
  4. Click > Label options under “Change document type” at the top of the column
    The “Label Options” box opens
    Select Avery standard and 5160 Address and Click > OK
  5. At the bottom of the column under Step 2 of 6 Click > Next: Select recipients
  6. Under “Select recipients” at the top of the column Click > Use an existing list
  7. Click > Browse under “Use an existing list”
  8. “Select Data Source” box opens Under “Look in” Click > “My Documents”
  9. Select the file you converted to EXCEL (.xls) Click > open
  10. “Select Table” box appears Click > OK
  11. “Mail Merge Recipients” box appears
  12. (Note the column headers that the full name, title, address, and city/state/ZIP are under)
  13. Click > OK
  14. At the bottom of the column under Step 3 of 6 Click > Next: Arrange your labels
  15. Under “Arrange your labels” at the top of the column Click > More items
  16. The Insert Merged Fields” box opens You are now going to set the fields for your label. Substitute your column labels as appropriate.
  17. Click > Label1 (full name) Click > Insert > Close
  18. Click > More items Click > Label2 (Title) Click > Insert > close
  19. Click > More items Click > Label5 (Address) Click > Insert > Close
  20. Click > More items Click > City/State/ZIP Click > Insert > Close
  21. In the middle of the column under “Replicate Labels” Click > Update all labels
  22. At the bottom of the column under Step 4 of 6 Click > Next: Preview your labels
  23. At the bottom of the column under Step 5 of 6 Click > Complete the Merge
  24. At the top of the column under “Complete the merge” Click > Edit individual labels
  25. “Merge to New Document” box opens Select > all Click > OK
  26. A new page opens with your labels.
  27. On the new page with the labels Click > File > Save As
    The “Save As” box opens
    Type a name in the “File Name”
    Click > Save
    You can print your labels now or later
  28. To print Load your labels Click the “Print” icon or Click > File > Print > OK