Hotline Post for November 6, 2009

Thank you for contacting the NAPUS Hotline.  This is Executive Director Ken Engstrom at the NAPUS national office in Alexandria, Virginia on Friday November 6, 2009.

Need to Know: In response to the upcoming holiday season, the Postal Service has launched an interactive holiday press room.  By going to the web ( you can find everything you need to know about holiday shipping, including the holiday mailing deadlines for domestic, international and military cards and packages.

On November 3rd the Grantors of the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) met at USPS Headquarters.  Attending the meeting were Grantors:  PMG John E. Potter, USPS; William Burrus, APWU; John Hegarty, NPMHU; Fred Rolando, NALC; Don Cantriel, NRLCA; Ted Keating, NAPS; Charley Mapa, NLPM and Dale Goff, NAPUS.

A total of 207 grants were distributed between January and September of this year; NAPUS members received 5 of those.  The Grants provided total $1,252,000.00. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is under way with a deadline of December 15, 2009.  You may contribute to (PERF) by annotating your donation using the number #10268.  The Postal Employees Relief Fund grant application is available on line at or by contacting us here at NAPUS Headquarters.  If you have any questions, call (202) 408-1869 or email:

NPA: A meeting was held at Postal Headquarters with Deputy Postmaster General Pat Donahoe and the management associations on the FY 2010 NPA goals on November 3.  These goals will soon be out to the “field” with changes in which NAPUS had a vital role.  The goals will be posted on the NAPUS web page when received from the Postal Service.

On Thursday, National Vice President Area 18 Texas, Jenness Rogers was involved in a horrific auto accident.  Jenness had to have major surgery and is now resting in ICU.  Please keep Jenness and her family in your prayers.  She will have a long road to recovery.  Please include them in any prayer requests or chains you may have at your place of worship or with friends.

On November 4 President Dale Goff, NAPUS Executive Director, and Charley Mapa, League President met at Postal Headquarters on the subject of ELM 650 process.  This meeting was to give input into possible changes in this ELM 650 process.  The Postmaster organizations have concerns on how the Postal Service in the “field” is in its interpretation of certain sections on this ELM.  Doug A. Tulino, Vice President Labor Relations just issued a clarification of the ELM 651.4, “Emergency Placement” to the Managers, Area Human Resources on October 29, 2009.  This letter is posted on the NAPUS web page under the “breaking news” icon.

On November 4, the Postmaster organizations met with the Postal managers of the Customer Service Variance programs (CSV & SOV) at Postal Headquarters.  Key Postmasters of both NAPUS and the League joined this meeting via telecom.  The subject of the meeting was the Customer Service Variance changes in FY2010.  (overtime percentage reduced; F4 Variance models reduced to 90% former value; productivity rates)  Full clarification will be coming from the Postal Service.

President Dale Goff, Secretary/Treasurer Wayne Orshak, and the NAPUS Staff wish ALL a very safe Veterans Day, November 11, 2009.  Thank you to our service men and women and the Veterans for all they do for our country.

As always, I am here to help you.

Ken Engstrom
Executive Director

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