Hotline Post for December 4, 2009

Thank you for contacting the NAPUS Hotline. This is Executive Director Ken Engstrom at the NAPUS national office in Alexandria, Virginia on Friday December 4, 2009.

Update Jenness Rogers: Many inquires have come to the NAPUS office regarding the status of National Vice President Jenness Rogers (Area 18) on her recent car accident. She has a long road to recovery and is now home completing this process. The cards and well-wishes are greatly appreciated and are very welcome. She can be reached at PO Box 161, Harper, TX. 78631.

Membership: Remember now is the time for each state chapter NAPUS officer to sign up the new Postmaster appointments for membership into NAPUS. Mailed to every post office (form 1187 enclosed) was our Oct. /Nov. Gazette issue and with an additional mailing by one of our benefit programs, we have increased our membership totals from SPLY by (739) in November. Keep up the good work.

Please read the new attachments in the NPA/PFP icon on the NAPUS web page regarding the FY 2010 National Performance Assessment (NPA). ( The (NPA) indicator targets and thresholds for fiscal year 2010 are enclosed.

Notice: The following NAPUS Chapters included in Quadrant 1 are invited to propose a city in their state to host the 2013 NAPUS National Convention. Please let Gerri Swarm, Executive Assistant to the NAPUS National President know of your wishes as soon as possible. The states included in Quadrant 1: Alaska; Colorado; Idaho; Iowa; Kansas; Minnesota; Missouri; Montana; Nebraska; Oregon; South Dakota; Utah; Washington; and Wyoming.

NAPUS President Dale Goff and League President Charley Mapa have written a joint letter to Anthony Vegliante, Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President USPS, asking for mitigation for ALL Postmasters in a year where many have worked hard and will see no benefit from NPA. This letter is posted on the NAPUS web page under the “breaking news” icon.

As always, I am here to help you.

Ken Engstrom
Executive Director

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