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May 8th, 2015

 NAPUS  and the LEAGUE recently express our concern upon learning of the elimination of scheme qualification to clerk bid jobs after March 23, 2015. At our request a teleconference was held on April 21, 2015, with operations managers at Postal Service to discuss our concerns.   The Postal Service advised that the business decision to discontinue scheme qualification on clerk bid assignments were driven by several factors:

  •  The obsolesces of current scheme training programs due to ACS 3 environment.
  • The pending deployment of scheme assist technology to the field.

The Postal Service noted that local management would still have the option to provide scheme training to clerks. Clerk bids currently in place that have scheme requirements will remain in place.  A question and answer format document was being developed with APWU to clarify administration and potential operational impacts.

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April 22nd, 2015


In an effort to standardize the Sunday delivery operation the following procedures have been developed for implementation by Headquarters Operations. They are to be utilized by all Areas and Districts involved with Sunday delivery operations.


Sunday Hub Control Unit SOP 

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April 21st, 2015


NAPUS recently expressed concern that NPA report cards, accessible through the Postal Service’s intranet, were last updated in December 2014 and that YTD performances are not available.

The Postal Service advised that the report cards have not been updated because savings through reduced costs of hiring Tier 2 bargaining unit employees have been greater than anticipated. This affects controllable-income scoring significantly. The effect is due only to impact of implementation of collective bargaining provisions.

Report cards published with this erroneous data would not show accurate current scores. The Postal Service has been adjusting budgets based on current circumstances, as it does normally throughout each year. The distinguishing factor in this matter has been the relatively significant dollars involved.

The Postal Service advises that the Board of Governors and the Executive Leadership Team are reviewing to determine whether action will be taken regarding adjustment of the Postal Service Integrated Financial Plan for FY 2015.

NAPUS will continue to consult on this issue and will update web-site as information becomes available.


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April 14th, 2015

Postal Service has update NAPUS and the League on a number of questions concerning the administration of terms of the global settlement between the Postal Service and the APWU. The settlement stems from the national arbitration award concerning Article 1.6.B., performance of bargaining work.

The following are the questions and responses received;

How are hours charged when assisting at window? Do you need to close out each time?

Response: Whenever a Postmaster is responsible for staffing a window, he/she should log onto POS at the start of his/her duties and log off at the end of the duties. Postmasters should not use the ‘stand-by mode’ rather than logging off, but are not required to run an end of day report each time during the day that they log on/log off.

What must be tracked and how do we track it?

Response: Time spent by a Postmaster staffing the window must be tracked and recorded on the 1260. Such recording of time spent performing bargaining unit work is not limited only to the time spent conducting customer transactions. Arbitrator Das decided at the national level that all time spent staffing the window is considered performance of bargaining unit work and is to be counted toward the 15 hours of such work permitted each service week. If the Postmaster is the only employee responsible for the window, then all hours the window is open are to be recorded even if there aren’t customers every minute. If the Postmaster is not the only window employee and assists at the window occasionally during the day, the Postmaster must log on and off and record the time spent at the window performing work. Time spent performing any other bargaining unit work, such as distributing box mail, loading or unloading trucks etc., must also be recorded. The time such other work is performed must be entered in the electronic 1260. If the work occurs during time that is already accounted for as bargaining unit work (such as the same period covered as responsible for the window), the additional work is considered concurrent and will not be counted again toward the 15-hour limit. Either way, the time spent must be recorded. It is very important that the start time and end time of the work be entered. This will prevent double-counting against the 15-hour limit.

How should bargaining unit work performed by a clerk on higher level be recorded?

Response: If a clerk is detailed temporarily to the position of OIC, acting Postmaster in an EAS detail assignment, the performance of bargaining unit work would have to be recorded. If the clerk is instead detailed to the position of Lead Clerk, none of the bargaining unit work performed would be recorded.

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April 9th, 2015

The NAPUS family just got a little bigger today, as Tony Leonardi and his wife Karyn (Ficalora) Leonardi became the proud parents of a baby girl. Isabella Hope Leonardi came into the world on April 9, 2015, at 10:22 AM., at 9 pounds 4 ozs and 20.5 inches she is the first child born to a sitting NAPUS National President. Mother and baby are doing fine and should be released from the hospital soon.

As Tony and Karyn begin a new chapter in their life together, they want to thank everyone for their encouragement and advice. The generosity and support of NAPUS members around the country has been amazing.

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April 2nd, 2015

The Postal Service has announced the establishment of an EAS Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Program. This program addresses the fact that many EAS employees have been reluctant to use their personal vehicles for work in part because of the cost of obtaining a business use policy.

The POV Program is designed to compensate Postmasters and Supervisors for the use of their vehicle for work related purpose. Under the program employees will be reimbursed for (a) their mileage, and (b) the cost of adding business use coverage or a commercial rider on their existing insurance policies if necessary.

The program is strictly voluntary. No employee will be required to participate in the program. Furthermore, management will have complete discretion as to whether an employee may participate. Either the employee or management may discontinue the employee’s participation in the program at any time.

The program is in the process of implementation and requires a signed Participation Agreement and is funded through eTravel. Click on links below for details.

POV Program

Participation Agreement

Quote Request

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PMG Brennan Pledges to Keep Mail Relevant

March 16th, 2015

Postmaster General Megan Brennan addressed Postmasters at NAPUS’ Leadership Conference Monday, March 16. Attendees warmly welcomed the new PMG. She thanked them for being at the conference and working to advance comprehensive postal reform legislation to ensure the long-term viability of the Postal Service and mailing industry.

Brennan said it was an honor of a lifetime to lead this tremendous organization. “Many of us grew up in the Postal Service and we are committed to it,” she said. “The Postmasters and men and women of this organization serve our customers, protect its interests and look for opportunities to grow. If not for those results we collectively have delivered, I would not have this opportunity.”

The Postal Service had a very successful holiday season, with an 18 percent growth in packages. “We earned that business,” she declared. “It was a tremendous job during peak period.”

She acknowledged the challenges Postmasters have faced with POStPlan; it has been an evolving and dynamic environment. She credited working with NAPUS President Tony Leonardi and the League of Postmasters President Sean Acord to look at every opportunity to find placements for impacted Postmasters.

“Our commitment going forward is to maintain transparency and talk through any changes that come down the line,” she pledged. “We’re committed to maintaining brick-and-mortar post offices, but we have to be realistic and expand partnerships so products and services can be available where customers shop.”

Brennan said the challenge is to continue to grow the business in an increasingly digital era. The change in consumer behavior represents opportunity in terms of e-commerce, but it also puts pressure on the organization. The agency will be rolling out promotions this spring advocating keeping mail in the system, but making it more personal and relevant. Hard copy in mailboxes still is a very effective advertising tool.

She credited Postmasters as being stewards of their post offices and communities. And their customers look to them to establish some type of normalcy after such events as the extreme snow experienced in the greater Boston area this winter.

Brennan discussed investments the agency is making in package sortation equipment and new vehicles. The Postal Service is looking at new functionality in vehicles, such as air-conditioning for Arizona. New safety and ergonomic features, as well as fuel efficiency, will help manage overall costs. Some replacements for LLVs will have expanded cargo capacity to support the growth in packages.

In terms of achieving postal reform, Brennan said she would like to sit down and find common ground, including resolving the onerous retiree health benefit prefunding requirement and establishing a Postal Service health plan within FEHBP. The agency also would like to maintain the exigent rate increase.

“If we can get agreement,” she declared, “that’s a starting point. Working with Capitol Hill, you need some consensus. My approach is to work with similarities—not differences.” She said it’s important for her to meet with key policymakers on Capitol Hill in her new role as PMG.

Brennan stressed the need for pricing flexibility; 80 percent of the agency’s products that generate revenue are capped. It is critical to be able to move fast in this dynamic marketplace and introduce products and services that will allow the Postal Service to turn its routes into profit centers. “We’re a delivery company,” she said. “We should expand the products and services we offer.”

Brennan said the agency will continue to innovate at a much faster pace. “We have to experiment and look at new revenue sources, new ways to leverage what I describe as an unparalleled infrastructure.”

She told Postmasters that the difficult decisions made over the past few years had to be made; otherwise, the Postal Service would not have the flexibility it now has in the work force—flexibility that is critical in the current marketplace. “We need fundamental reform. We need to recognize the solutions are ours collectively to solve; today’s dynamic marketplace continues to change and evolve.”

Brennan also stressed the need to make prudent business decisions based on data and the Postal Service’s standing in the current business environment. “I want us to be the shipper of choice—not the low-cost shipper,” she stressed. “That includes service, visibility and competitive pricing; I know you share my goal to keep mail relevant.

“Thank you for being here this week and educating our policymakers and ensuring this mailing industry remains viable well into the future.”

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February 26th, 2015

Workload Service Credits (PS Form 150) is the document that determines the level of your Post Office. You should complete the form annually, or when an operational change occurs that may affects your office’s evaluation. The automated Form150 is available on the USPS Blue page.

Administrative Post Offices (APO) should pay particular attention that that the Form 150 gives appropriate credit for their RMPOs. Workload Service Credit is given for each RMPO for delivery and revenue. Of equal importance each non-delivery RMPO will add 2 exception credits. The combination of WSCs and Exceptions are used to determine the correct Post Office level.

The lengthy time associated with the approval of Form 150 for Post Office upgrades has been the source of several Resolution Logs. In response to our concerns, the Postal Service has provided a flow chart with timeline. The chart shows a fifteen day time frame for approval of a complete and accurate Form 150 from start to end. The chart shows each level of approval required and the time frame at each level.

Make sure that your office is evaluated correctly, complete your Form 150 today.

Form 150 flowchart

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January 23rd, 2015


The proposed consolidation of NAPUS and the League of Postmasters has progressed to written submission of Chapter Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and National Bylaws for the new organization. The documents are the results of discussion, collaboration and compromise by the committee working on the consolidation. Representing NAPUS on the committee was National Secretary Treasurer, Dan Heins, from MN and retired Postmaster and National Parliamentarian John Galera, from HI. Representing the League of Postmasters was retired Postmaster, Jack Jameson, from NC and retired Postmaster, John Olson, from MN.

The new proposed organization will be incorporated as a non-profit organization and shall be known as the “Postmasters and Managers of America” (PMA).

The proposed Chapter By Law Template 1 21 2015 provide a document for the state chapters to use to ensure compliance with new national bylaws and consistency with between state chapters.

The proposed Articles of Incorporation ( 1 21 2015) define purpose of PMA, as well as new member classifications.

The proposed national Bylaws 1 21 15 provide information on dues, Executive Boards and their duties, conventions and committees.

Extensive discussion of the proposed consolidation of the organizations will be held at our Leadership Conference in March. The vote for consolidation will be held at each organization’s national conventions to be held later this year.

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Postal Service Announces RIF Effective Date Change, Career PTF Assignment Option for Remaining Impacted POStPlan Postmasters.

January 6th, 2015


As a result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiated with the APWU, the Reduction in Force (RIF) separation date for all remaining impacted POStPlan Postmasters in 2, 4 and 6 hour offices has been extended until February 6, 2015.

The effective date of RIF demotions and voluntary reassignments is now February 7, 2015. If you already sent in your acceptance form, you do not need to take further action at this time.

The MOU dated December 31, 2014, will allow impacted Postmasters whose offices have been re-evaluated to a 2 or 4 hour per day Remotely Managed Post Office (RMPO) with an opportunity to volunteer to become career PTF clerks.

A letter providing information about the new option for impacted Postmasters, including how to accept the assignment offer, your pay and work schedule if you accept the offer, will be provided to you in the coming days.

All separations, including optional retirement and RIF separations will be effective Friday, February 6, 2015. If you have submitted a retirement action effective January 9th, the Human Resources Shared Services Center (HRSSC) will reach out to you directly.

Questions should be directed to your District Human Resources Manager or Manager, Post Office Operations.

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December 16th, 2014

The Postal Service has decided to grant a one percent salary increase for nonbargaining employees whose fiscal year (FY) 2014 Pay-for-Performance composite ratings fall in either cells 2 or 3 of the current PFP Matrix.

The Postal Service cited the ”efforts of supervisory, managerial, Postmasters, and all nonbargaining employees contributed toward the high-quality service rendered successfully to our customers.”

This one percent increase reconizes these efforts.

Click on link to read complete announcement.  PFP Increase

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November 26th, 2014

POStPlan from its inception has been a work in progress, and it continues to evolve.  One of the key triggers in this program was the arbitrator’s ruling on September 5th.  In that decision it was ruled that Non-Traditional Full-Time Clerks would be hired to run all the vacant Level 6 post offices.  This prompted us to revisit the pay scale for the incumbent Level 6 Postmasters.  It was clear to Mark Strong (former president of the League) and I that an inequity existed in the pay scales between Postmasters and clerks doing the same job.  When Sean Acord assumed the position as President of the League on November 1st, we continued, as promised, to make this a priority in discussions with the Postal Service.

We have had several meetings on this topic and I am very pleased to announce that all Level 6 RMPOs and PTPOs Postmasters who are currently receiving save hourly rate will be able retain that benefit until September 2016.  This is another example of how — by working together with the Postal Service’s Senior Management team, and especially Megan Brennan, our Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President — we’ve been able to find a fair resolution to a difficult issue.

This shows us that the Postal Service recognizes the dedication of these longtime employees and is committed to treating them fairly.  I hope this will soften the impact to the Postmasters who were unable to find a full time EAS positions, those whose only available landing spot is the Level 6 Position they currently have, or are scheduled to be riffed into on January 10th.  

As the Holiday season approaches, I would also like to say how important it is that we take time to remember the things that truly matter.  To all Postmasters Active and Retired, I hope you are able to spend time with the people who mean the most to you, and I wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Click on link to view announcement  Saved Salary


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USPS Chief Operations Officer Megan Brennan to Replace Patrick Donahoe as Postmaster General

November 17th, 2014

At Friday morning’s U.S. Postal Service Board of Governor’s meeting, Chairman of the Board Mickey Barnett announced that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe would be retiring from the Postal Service, effective February 1, 2015. Chairman Barnett also announced that the PMG Donahoe’s successor will be Chief Operations Officer Megan Brennan, making her the first female Postmaster General in the history of our national postal system. NAPUS Government Relations Director Bob Levi was present at the Board meeting and reported that many of those in attendance provided PMG Donahue a standing ovation. During his address to the Board, the the PMG reflected on his 39 years of USPS service and the sacrifices that his family made in support of his dedication to the government agency. NAPUS looks forward to working in collaborative fashion with the incoming Postmaster General, as we have done in the past.

Also, the Board meeting covered USPS finances and the projected budget for 2015. In part, Chief Financial Officer Joseph Corbett reported on an improvement in USPS financial solvency and revenue growth; however, he also expressed concern over increasing expenses attributable to inflation and contractual obligations. In addition, he referenced the Postal Regulatory Commission’s order that the one-year old exigent rate increase would end in July 2015, and this lapse would have a revenue impact. Chief Operations Officer Brennan reported on USPS improvement in meeting its delivery standards.

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Additional APWU POStPlan Arbitration Q & A Released.

November 4th, 2014

The Postal Service has released additional information pertaining to the recent APWU POSTPlan Arbitration Q&A. The information provided, in a question and answer format, list forty-eight questions and responses. Also announced, is the formation of an USPS/APWU Alternate Dispute Resolution Process to identify and resolve POStPlan disputes.

Please continue to monitor NAPUS web-site for updates.


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PostPlan MOU Clarification, Pecking Order MOU, Q & A

November 3rd, 2014

On October 30, 2014,  POStPlan MOU Questions and Answers were provided by USPS regarding September 22, 2014, MOU Re: POStPlan Staffing of Offices, Filling of Assignments, PSE Usage and Conversions, and the October 8, 2014, MOU Re: Pecking Order for Newly Created Positions in the POStPlan Installations.

Both documents, the October 30, 2014, POStPlan Questions and Answers and the October 8, 2014, MOU, Pecking Order, have been added to NAPUS web-site under POSTPlan Information.

Please continue to follow web-site for breaking news.

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October 17th, 2014

Both Postmaster organizations are very pleased that the Postal Service is taking additional steps to give those remaining impacted Postmasters limited competition postings to get landing spots prior to January 9, 2015. The message below was received by both Postmaster organizations today:

We are continuing to seek placement for the remaining impacted Postmasters.  The following limited area of consideration (LAC) language will be on postings for specific vacancies between now and the RIF effective date.  This language supersedes any related previous guidance you may have received over the last few months.

LAC language for PTPO Vacancies through January 9th, 2015 (open to all remaining career POStPlan-impacted Postmasters 2 & 4 hour offices only):

This position is posted with a limited area of consideration (LAC) to all remaining career POStPlan-impacted Postmasters whose offices were re-evaluated as a 2 or 4 hour office service-wide.

NOTE:  You must submit your application through eCareer in order to be considered competitively for this vacancy.  You may request a non-competitive lateral or downgrade by submitting a written request to the selecting official.

LAC language for EAS-18 Postmaster vacancies through January 9th, 2015 (open to all remaining career POStPlan-impacted Postmasters):

This position is posted with a limited area of consideration (LAC) to all remaining career POStPlan-impacted Postmasters whose offices were re-evaluated as a 2, 4, or 6 hour office service-wide.

LAC language to be used for all other EAS vacancies through February 6, 2015:

(Include standard language for area of consideration, e.g., district-wide, area-wide) all remaining career POStPlan-impacted Postmasters AND all eligible impacted career, non-bargaining HQ/HQ related employees.

NOTE:  You must submit your application through eCareer in order to be considered competitively for this vacancy.  You may request a non-competitive lateral or downgrade by submitting a written request to the selecting official.

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October 9th, 2014

USPS Organizational Effectiveness has advised that the Postal Service is moving forward with postings concerning all vacant PTPO 6-hour offices from October 14th through October 29th. The limited area of consideration will remain impacted Postmasters whose offices are evaluated as 2 or 4-hour offices.

The Postal Service will not be posting the PTPOs that have incumbents because those incumbents have the opportunity to take the 6-hour assignment during the RIF process.

Area and District HR has been provided with materials outlining the eCareer application procedure. This is to assist further those impacted Postmasters who wish to apply.

Initial results of the Postmaster Career Discussions show that many Postmasters are expressing interest in other positions, but eCareer application data show that many have not applied. The Postal Service has made the application material referenced immediately above available in order to help those who might need such help in order to apply correctly in eCareer.  Further, Field Human resources are being encouraged to ensure guidance is available to impacted Postmaster who seek help in this process.

As of October 14th, there were about 214 Part-time Post Office (PTPO) vacancies.

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Decision is Reached on POStPlan Arbitration

September 22nd, 2014

NAPUS and the LEAGUE have received Steven Goldberg’s arbitration decision on POStPLan. Both organizations are deeply disappointed with the decision and are still working through the details of the arbitration document. Clearly this will have an impact on PMRs in 4-hour RMPOs, vacant 6-hour RMPOs and 6-hour Postmaster positions in the future. We can be thankful that incumbent 6-hour Postmasters (including those being RIF’d to 6-hour Postmaster positions), will keep their Postmaster position as long as they do not vacate the office. Once these offices are vacated, they too will be staffed by clerks.

Here is an overview of the arbitration:
• 2-hour RMPOs will stay staffed with PMRs
• 4-hour RMPOs will be staffed with PSEs. The PMRs in these offices will have the opportunity to take the test and apply for the positions.
• 6-hour RMPOs will be staffed by NTFT employees or traditional employees. Those offices with incumbent Postmasters, including those accepting their own office as a RIF offer with a reduction to 6 hours, will stay in the jobs until vacated.
• PTPOs 6-hour offices will stay staffed with a Postmaster. These offices were not part of the arbitration decision since they still have all of the Postmaster administrative responsibilities.

When any RMPO or PTPO is evaluated and increases to a Level 18, the office will then be posted and filled by a non-bargaining employee and managed by a Postmaster.

All Level 18 offices will be staffed with PTFs instead of PSEs, ending the staffing issues for many Level 18 Postmasters.

Both Postmaster organizations continue to review the POStPlan Arbitration. Clearly the fact that Postmaster administrative duties were removed from the 6-hour Postmaster positions and the 4-hour RMPOs weighed heavily on the arbitrator’s decision.

We will keep you posted as to further developments regarding the arbitration as well as the timeline for conversion of the 4-hour RMPOs from PMR to PSE employees.

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Members Make Decisive Changes to Ensure Viability of NAPUS

September 22nd, 2014

USPS Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Megan Brennan told NAPUS members Wednesday morning she welcomes the opportunity to engage with them. She thanked retirees for their continued advocacy on behalf of the Postal Service.

She also thanked Postmasters for another successful year. “I need to acknowledge your yearlong effort—the winter that never ended. Thanks for managing through that. As the operations manager and part of the team, our responsibility is to drive continuous service for our customers.”

Brennan explained the Postal Service will continue to rightsize and leverage the infrastructure, which, after employees, is the agency’s most valuable asset. She commended managers for their ability during the change and overall decline in the mail mix to consolidate operations, optimize the transportation network and adjust workhours based on customer use. “We’ve kept service at predictable levels and the industry has applauded us for this,” she said.

She talked about POStPlan, describing it as a compromise solution. There were 13,000 candidate offices that, given the workload, potentially were going to close. There were many meetings with the Postmaster organizations to identify how to maintain that identity in communities—the touch point for consumers—and adjust hours based on customer use.

Over the past two years, working with NAPUS and the League, they have offered the RIF avoidance, two years’ saved salary and grade, the upgrade of more than 4,500 positions, limited rounds of LACs for Postmasters only, establishment of the zone of tolerance and, ultimately, expansion of the RIF timeline—all efforts to ensure affected Postmasters had opportunities to find spots.

“Over the course of the two years,” she said, “we ‘ve had many career conferences. This is not failing to acknowledge Postmasters in Level-6s will be impacted. You will be, but you have an opportunity to stay in your office.”

There still are some 700 impacted Postmasters. Some are eligible to retire, but, at a minimum, there are 319 Postmasters to work with in terms of placement. She asked that impacted Postmasters be flexible and let them know of their interests so they can help. Area and district HR teams will have one-on-one discussions with these Postmasters; they will continue to work to place every Postmaster.

“These are challenging times,” she said. “I recognize that; it’s not been easy. We don’t take it lightly; we know it’s unsettling. But you know we have to change.”

Brennan discussed many aspects of operations; complete coverage will be in the October/November issue of the Postmasters Gazette.

She touched on the use of personal vehicles, assuring that the Postal Service won’t force it, but has resolved to provide insurance for when Postmasters use their personal vehicles. Some processes need to be ironed out and then it will be in place. Also, Postmasters in Level-6 offices if, in two years, they are promoted into EAS positions, will revert back to their former salaries. Again, they still are working on the details.

“The organization is going to survive,” she declared, “and, despite all these challenges, is doing a tremendous job of putting us on firmer financial footing with what we can control. Thanks for being part of the sales effort and engaging your employees and giving them time and encouraging them to be part of the sales effort.”

During the question-and-answer period, a member asked Brennan where she sees Postmasters in five years and beyond—will there still be Postmasters? Brennan replied that, with POStPlan and administrative post offices and plant consolidations, the agency is asking, “What is in the best interests of the organization?” It is evolving.

“We’re always going to have Postmasters,” she said. “POStPlan is not an assault on Postmasters; you’re the leaders and chief marketing officers. In the coming years, I see Postmaster roles expanding.”

Based on the many activities in which retirees participated and the success of their dance Tuesday evening, PM Retired President Ann McDorman told convention attendees, “Retired Postmasters rock!”

She talked about traveling—one of the fun things retirees do. “I enjoy new experiences,” she said. “I enjoy seeing old friends, old places and sharing our past experiences and memories precious to us. Being a NAPUS member as an active Postmaster, as well as a retiree, has allowed me to travel from coast to coast, border to border. NAPUS has allowed me to meet wonderful people all over and have fun and learn. That alone is a reason to be a NAPUS member.”

When you travel, she explained, you have to make preparations; you make arrangements and reservations and make sure someone will take care of what you leave behind—you can’t take all your “baggage” with you.

And, once you arrive at your destination, you need a new purpose and strategy to accomplish goals. “A journey requires a change of mind and attitude,” she said, “the courage to change and start over.” Things change—we can’t live in the past or in the glory days of yesterday.

“NAPUS is on a journey, a transition,” she went on. “NAPUS must change because it never will be the same again once POStPlan is fully implemented. Small-town Postmasters will be no more.” Despite this, NAPUS will continue to fight for the rights of Postmasters.

She stressed the need to build more bridges and fewer walls—reach out to others and seek solutions. “Sometimes the longest journey is from our head to our hands,” she said. “We think about it, but it takes our hands and feet to actually put it into practice. Prepare your head, heart and hands to make sure NAPUS remains strong.”

McDorman assured everyone the retirees are ready to fill in the gaps and mentor those who are new. “Get on board for the journey of your life!” she invited.

NAPUS members elected eight national vice presidents: Area 1—Edmund Carley, IL (two-year term); and Jim Maher, MO (three-year term); Area 2—Barbara Swiderski, ME (two-year term); and Richard Hui, MA (three-year term); Area 3—Susan Rice, AL (two-year term); and Tammy Powell, SC (three-year term); Area 4—Joan Mallon, CO (two-year term); and Brent Cofield, OK (three-year term). Postmasters Retired members elected Rodney Boland, FL, secretary-treasurer.

Dan Heins, Postmaster of Stewartville, MN, newly elected NAPUS secretary-treasurer, 2015-2017, addressed convention attendees. He thanked members for their hospitality during his campaign travels to the many state conventions. “We truly have a tremendous organization,” he said. “And that is because of all the tremendous Postmasters.”

He told members it is impossible to know what the future holds, but he believes in NAPUS’ future. “I believe there is a vital role for NAPUS to play in the lives of our members and the Postal Service. That is why I’m standing before you today.

“I will work to make it as strong as it can possibly be,” he pledged. “With each of us moving forward together to tackle the issues before us, we can and will find solutions that are best for our membership and our future.”

President Tony Leonardi addressed the convention. He thanked the New Jersey Chapter for putting on a first-class show. And he thanked everyone who participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and the ALS Association’s involvement during the convention. “I appreciate anybody who works to help knock out this disease. I am truly thankful your support.”

He recapped the information provided by Postal Service executives this week, including some new initiatives. The new Postmaster training Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson plans to roll out will include an off-site segment that will be broken into separate sections for Levels-18-20, 21-22 and 24 and above.

The Postmaster organizations had stressed the importance of dividing it between the levels. Leonardi thanked Williamson for taking this information to heart.

The Postmaster General assured Executive Board members at their breakfast Tuesday morning the agency is working to purchase new vehicles. They realize there are different needs for different parts of the country and are taking that into consideration. And probably the most important issue he said he will address is out-of-control telecons. Donahoe has pledged to put a stop to the problem. “We’re going to follow up,” Leonardi said. “We’re going to make sure they free you up to do the job you need to do.”

He told Postmasters that Megan Brennan is the person with whom he deals the most. “She is fair,” he stressed. “She has a job to do and understands the economic challenges, but she listens and tries to come up with fair solutions.” Overall, staffing is getting better; they are trying to get the mix right. He pledged to continue to work with Postal Headquarters to make sure Postmasters have the staff they need.

Leonardi said they are going to sit down and discuss the Postmasters still impacted by POStPlan and their options—Postmasters in locations where there may be no options. Regardless, he will continue to underscore the agency’s commitment to find everyone positions.

He said the Postal Service’s announcement that Level-6 Postmasters, if they are able to go back into the EAS ranks within two years, will be slotted into their previous salaries is a fair gesture. “I appreciate them doing it,” he said.

He explained further the initiative soon to come out to provide insurance if you have to use your personal vehicle. The Postal Service looked at providing a blanket policy, but that was not possible due to variations in state laws. Coverage will be through eBuy. You will provide what you pay for coverage for your vehicle versus what the additional cost would be to purchase coverage for using your personal vehicle for work; the difference will be paid through eBuy. “That doesn’t mandate you have to use your personal vehicle,” he explained. “What it means is sometimes you have to use your personal vehicle and this ensures you will have the necessary coverage.”

Leonardi turned to organizational matters, commending the retirees for voting for constitutional changes that will help stabilize many chapters. “They care about the organization,” he said. “They want to work with us and we thank them for that.” He thanked PM Retired President Ann McDorman for her leadership and friendship.

“As we continue to change, we will continue to put a plan together,” he said. “We may be different, we may have to change again, but we still will be here to represent everyone in this room and anyone who wants to be a member. We will find the answer.” The Executive Board has directed Leonardi to start discussions with the League about merging. “We need to find out if they’re ready to come up with an agreement that will truly make us one Postmaster organization.”

He also pledged to find ways to grow the organization; membership will be the focus. The Executive Board is fully engaged and will work with state presidents, membership chairs and secretary-treasurers to find out what’s working, what’s not. The tools will be provided to let Postmasters know NAPUS is working for and making it better for them.

“As proud as I am of all the changes we have addressed, I know there will be more to come,” he predicted. “But the key is to deal with the changes respectfully, inclusively and transparently. When you give Postmasters all the information and facts—tell them what they’re up against—they will stand up, take on the task and do the right thing.”

He referred to the quote he used Monday morning: “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts; it’s how many times you get up back.” Leonardi pledged to work with everyone in the room to make sure NAPUS continues to be something they are proud of and want to belong to—and continues to be viable to represent Postmasters.

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NAPUS President Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

September 17th, 2014

President Tony Leonardi (center) took the Ice Bucket Challenge Monday at the national convention in Atlantic City in memory of his friend, Jeff Johnson, who died from ALS. Also participating were Jeff’s brother and sister. John Sertich, Area 13 vice president and Postmaster of Belleville, IL, gladly dumped the water. The ALS Association was designated as NAPUS’ charity at this convention. Connecticut Chapter Executive Director Mike Burke and staff were on hand to do fund-raising and provide information on ALS so Postmasters can go home and help fight ALS in their communities. (Photo by Lynn Wilson)LWPX0148 LR

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