Postmaster Representation

NAPUS is committed to representing its membership in all areas, including disciplinary cases and adverse actions (such as removals, long suspensions, and demotions). While NAPUS wishes that no Postmaster would ever get into trouble, NAPUS has an effective organization to provide representation for Postmasters.

National Postmaster Representation Committee

NAPUS has a motivated and highly skilled team, the NAPUS National Postmaster Representation Committee, to help member Postmasters in adverse situations.

State Chapter Postmaster Representatives

In addition to the National Postmaster Representatives, most NAPUS state chapters also have a Postmasters Representative Committee, or at least a Postmaster Representative, to assist Postmasters. Many of these Chapter Representatives work in conjunction with their national counterparts to coordinate assistance to Postmasters who find themselves in trouble in their offices.

Legal Defense Fund/Plan

For more serious cases coming under the jurisdiction of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), National Postmaster Representative Committee members work with the NAPUS Legal Defense Fund/Plan attorney in providing representation.

Avoid Trouble

  • Postmasters should know the requirements of their positions and strive faithfully and accurately to fulfill these responsibilities. Do not do anything that could even possibly be considered illegal or unethical.
  • A Postmaster holds a position of trust in that office and the community, and will be held to high standards.
  • Active participation in NAPUS affords access to training sessions, and the company and advice of your fellow Postmasters. Let us do together, what we cannot do for ourselves.
  • Getting advice early can sometimes avoid a problem altogether. When faced with a problem, early advice can help prevent a problem becoming worse. Seek help when needed.

In Case of Trouble, Seek Help

Postmasters, if facing possible disciplinary or adverse actions, or if contacted by the USPS OIG, should immediately contact the NAPUS National Office, their State NAPUS Chapter Postmaster Representative Committee Chair, or their State NAPUS Chapter President for advice and assistance.


Last updated: March 1, 2012