TOP 10 Reasons to Join NAPUS

1. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves…  “Let’s do together what we cannot do alone.”
2. Representation
3. Training
4. Networking/Support
5. Motivation/Positive Feedback
6. Professional Advancement/Personal Growth
7. Signature Federal Credit Union
8. NAPUS Family/life long friends
9. Mass Mutual Benefits (service plans)
10. 6 months of FREE membership

NAPUS: Champion of America’s Postmasters

By becoming a member of NAPUS, Postmasters and OICs will gain access to many valuable services and benefits available only to NAPUS members. In addition, you will join a special fraternity of more than 42,000 other Postmasters, officers-in-charge and Postmasters Retired. You will gain additional insight, ideas and career assistance by networking with your fellow NAPUS members.

NAPUS members own outright the NAPUS National Office building in Alexandria, VA. A National Office staff of full-time professionals works to promote the interests of Postmasters and OICs.

NAPUS enjoys strong financial health. The organization maintains a healthy reserve fund balance on members’ behalf. A presidentially appointed Budget Committee, the makeup of which changes every year, but always includes the national secretary-treasurer and one returning member for purposes of continuity, draws up the annual NAPUS budget. The Budget Committee’s recommendations are carefully considered and voted on by the NAPUS National Executive Board.


The elected NAPUS national president, who works out of the National Office, is a Postmaster on leave of absence from his or her post office. The national president serves a term of three years.

The elected national secretary-treasurer also maintains an office at the National Office, but works out of his or her home area, as do the organization’s elected vice presidents. The secretary-treasurer serves a term of three years.

The national vice presidents—all active Postmasters—are elected by NAPUS members in the specific geographical areas of the country they represent. These officers, who serve two-year terms, the national president, the national secretary treasurer and the elected Postmasters Retired president—comprise the National Executive Board, the organization’s governing body (click on Contact Us and then National Executive Board for current officers). The committee meets twice a year in person and, when business warrants, by teleconference.

NAPUS funds a number of standing national committees for the ongoing benefit and service of Postmasters (click on Contact Us and then National Committee Chairs for current listing). Committees include Postmaster Representation, Membership/Services, PAC for Postmasters/Government Relations, Education and Development and Diversity.

Special officers include a national chaplain, aides to the national president and national secretary-treasurer, sergeant-at-arms, a national  parliamentarian and a national convention chair.

NAPUS Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution and Bylaws Sept 2013(2)

State Chapters

NAPUS has state organizations called chapters in all 50 states and Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands. Forty-eight percent of members’ NAPUS dues are returned to their chapters to support the organization’s grass roots activities at the state, district and area levels. (Click on Join Us and then Dues Schedule for current-year dues.)

Each chapter has elected and appointed officers who serve at that level, as well as on various committees, such as Postmaster Representation, Membership and Services. (Click on Contact Us and then Chapter Officers for current chapter officers.)

The chapters conduct state conventions that are, in effect, mini-national conventions. (Click on Conventions/Conferences and then Chapter Conventions for scheduled chapter conventions.) Chapter officers are elected, proposed policy changes are debated, Postmaster training is conducted, scholarships are presented and there still are ample opportunities for fun, fellowship and entertainment.

Most NAPUS chapters also conduct district meetings within their states throughout the year and several chapters join neighboring state chapters each year to conduct training seminars and joint conferences.

As a member, you’re welcome to take advantage of all these events and activities.